Friday, February 12, 2016

7 Quick Takes Friday


On Sunday, we joined friends for a Super Bowl party--my first ever, not that I set eyes on the football game. The two moms were delighted to stay downstairs chit-chatting with our littles children at our feet while the dads took the big kids into the TV room to watch the game.

Joseph rocking our infant godson


When Joseph went in for his three-year well-child check, one of the questions from the doctor was whether Joseph could draw a stick figure. Nope, he doesn't draw anything! But then this week, he busted out with drawing this excellent pig and came to me, "Look, I drew a pig."


I am enjoying seeing Margaret, at almost five, starting to do some more interesting (less babyish) things to occupy her time, like the great game Pattern Play, because it opens up so many new things for her around the house.

Pattern Play

Sorry for the repeated theme, I never tire of sleeping baby boys, pushed up against each other for comfort like a pile of puppies!

Joseph and Thomas


When the kids aren't protesting my being a Mean Old Mama who tells them what to do, they are making little "I love you, Mama" signs posted on toothpicks to carry around, cheering me on.


Thomas is trying to see just how many milestones he can rack up while still six months old.

First time on the seesaw

He tried various more solids this week and loves them all: Cheerios cereal, refried beans, shredded cheddar, diced (not mashed) avocado, applesauce, muffins.I love having a helper in charge of feeding him (under my supervision in the room)!

Mary feeds Thomas

Thomas now crawls with speed, and can successfully crawl up the steps from our sunken den. He pulls up on furniture to half-way and even three-quarters, where he then gets stuck and cries pitifully to be rescued. He is bonking his head often these days as he tries deft and daring feats for a crawling baby! To top it off, he cut his first tooth today!

All this mobility makes me wonder if I'll have another derring-do like Mary on my hands. This caused me to take a stroll down memory lane, where I discovered that


I figured out who I think Thomas resembles: his sister Margaret! What do you think?