Friday, May 9, 2014

Sewing Swimsuits

I've sewn my first swimsuit successfully and am pleased with the result.


I used the pattern from Simply Modest Swimwear  and bought the Lycra online for about $20 per swimsuit.

Showing the leggings

Margaret loves her new swimsuit and a lady at the pool on our first outing inquired where she could get such a swimsuit.


  1. It came out very cute! Is it more effective?

  2. I love it!!!!!! I might commission you to make one for Joni someday!

  3. Dear Katherine,

    Your daughter is so pretty, and the swimsuit looks both cute and comfortable. Many compliments on the swimming outfit. I wear something similar, for I walk about a quarter of a mile to and from the pool.

    Agape always,

  4. Thank you, ladies.

    Priscilla: I'm not sure what you mean by whether the swimsuit is more effective. The swimsuits I've been buying them cost about $50--which I really understand given about $20 in materials and then the sheer labor hours it takes to sew a swimsuit--so if I can sew them myself for free labor, that's a big cost savings.