Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sources of Modest Clothing

I have plenty of friends, loved ones, and readers who are increasingly dismayed about immodesty, but have differing definitions of what constitutes modest dress (and for what ages, genders, and activities, such as swimming and sports). I have had girlfriends ask me several times where to find modest clothing, so I have shared my compiled list of stores with them. I see other women who dress in a charming, attractive and modest way, and I don't feel that I've achieved the charming and attractive parts consistently yet. I work with a combination of little teaching about fashion (what looks flattering on different human body shapes), my beliefs about modesty, clothing that must be nursing-friendly, and the fact that I go up and down within four sizes due to repeated pregnancies!

Now I present that list of clothiers here and I hope to update it every so often. (Note that I don't think every item sold in these stores is modest.) If you have a store you think provides modest clothing, please email me the name so I can add it to this list!

Original Post: June 12, 2011, Last Updated: June 20, 2017

** Note this extensive list of sources of modest clothing compiled by Colleen Hammond--makes me wonder why I have bothered to start a list of my own! **

** Note this extensive list of sources of modest clothing at Pure Modesty--likely a better list than I offer! **


Apostolic Clothing

April Cornell (for women and girls)

Be Precious Clothing (the Slinky Half Shell Tank has revolutionized what tops I can wear modestly!)

Biblical Garden

Carissa Rose: Clothes in Proportionate Sizes (I haven't ordered from here, but think it's a fabulous concept to be able to order nearly custom-made clothing to fit one's body shape.)

Diviine Modestee

Downeast Basics (might be especially appealing to teenagers)

Dressing for His Glory (I've never ordered from them, but am very interested to try their skorts and culottes for walking exercise, and their various swimwear--skirts, skorts, and tees! Also, they seem to have a lot of clothing for middle schoolers!)

Etsy (enter in "long skirt" as the search term)

French Toast (source of school uniform clothing)

Funky Frum (see especially the layering shells)

HalfTee (Fantastic source for half tee-shirt shells, not just for women, but for children, starting at size 4, and plus-sized women!)

Hannah Andersson (a good portion of their clothing is not what I'd call modest, but they have some good finds, especially leggings and plain white underclothing for girls)

A List of Jewish Women's Modest Clothiers

Another List of Modest Clothiers

J. Jill

JMJ Modest Dress

Just Long Shirts

Kosher Casual

Kosher Casual--note their exercise skirt with leggings built in

Lands End (see especially the swimwear and the classic knit dresses for girls in short and long sleeves)

Milkarose Fashion (might be especially appealing to teenagers)

Mira Clothes (home of the Exerskirt! Yes, I own this with the shirt and they are wonderful!)

ModBod (Sarah recommends the Perfect Cap Sleeve as an underlayer)

Modcloth (might be especially appealing to teenagers)

Modest Apparel USA

Modest Like Mary Originals

The Modest Mom

Mollyme Clothing

New Creation Women's Apparel (I have been extremely pleased with the skirts I have ordered from this company!)

Orvis (See especially long skirts. The Passport Travel Fabric Shell is wonderful. Does Orvis offer annual warehouse sales in your area? If so, you can buy this expensive clothing for dramatically less.)

Phyllis Jean (I highly recommend the superior blouses for little girls: opaque white broadcloth, 3/4 sleeves, Peter Pan collar, sweet lace, all at a low price!)

Pretty Me Maternity (see the sleeveless layer, the 3/4 sleeve layer, and the long sleeve layer)

Princess Modest Swimwear

Rey Swimwear

Ringger Clothing

Sierra Brooke

Simply Modest Swimwear (sewing patterns also available)

Skirt Extenders by A Slip Shop and Babblings and More

The Skirt Outlet

The Skirt Site (see the Kiki Riki shells)

Sock Dreams (good source for over-the-knee socks to wear under long skirts in winter)

Swim Modest

The Children's Place carries plain white underclothing for girls

Etsy: Treasures of Tradition and Treasures of Tradition (Susannah is a friend of mine, she makes clothing to order as well)

Tznius (3/4 sleeves, long skirts, head coverings)

Order Custom-Made Clothing

eShakti (clothing customized to all your own measurements and length preferences, received within 18 calendar days)

Sewing Your Own Modest Clothing

A Fashion Show . . . Meet Virginia

Chapel Veils

Garlands of Grace

Headcoverings on Etsy

Wear Your Mantilla (Note "Where to Purchase Chapel Veils" on the side)

If you'd like to read more, several good titles on modesty are:

"A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue" by Wendy Shalit (Orthodox Jewish perspective)

"Girls Gone Mild: Young Women Reclaim Self-Respect and Find It's Not Bad to Be Good" by Wendy Shalit (I haven't read this book yet, but recommend it based on Shalit's first excellent book)

"Dressing with Dignity" by Colleen Hammond (Catholic perspective)

"Those Who Serve God Should Not Follow the Fashions" (Catholic perspective)

"How Should I Dress for Mass and Adoration?" (Catholic perspective)

Ladies Against Feminism website (Protestant perspective: search for term "modest")

"Notification Concerning Men's Dress Worn by Women" by Guiseppe Cardinal Siri

Catholic Homilies:

"Christian Modesty" by Fr. Augustine Tran 5/02/10

"Modesty and How we Dress (Especially at Mass)" by a priest on on EWTN

"Modesty in Dress at Church" by Fr. Ronald Brown


  1. Great list! I know most of these, but a few new ones to peruse too. I've drifted away from skirts since my third pregnancy. :-/

    I love Hanna and Land's End for modest, classy boys' clothes. It's so hard to find items that don't have characters, smart aleck-y comments, or other objectionable graphics. Their clothes also just cannot be worn out!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I will have to link back to this post if you don't mind? Also, you might want to add Garlands of Grace. They sell headcoverings (not chapel veils, but snoods and such). My black snood I use in Mass is from there. It's a wonderful option for a mama with a little one who wants to pull off the chapel veil constantly. Anyway, online at

  3. Thank you for compiling and sharing this list!

    I'd also like to recommend "ModBod," and one item in particular (the only one I have, actually) that I really like:

    I learned of this line of clothes when they were at Costco as a special temporary item. I bought two cap sleeve tees at that time and LOVE them. I always wear them as undershirts, as they are form fitting but have a nice high neckline and a long body. They are GREAT for nursing layers! Although the neckline is high, it is stretchy enough to be pulled down under one's breast, but it is also resilient and goes right back to it's original place, thouroughly covering one's cleavage. They have not lost their shape and provide much more coverage than the typical camisole.

    Also, I was curious... have you gotten into sewing b/c you've found it to be a good (the best?) way of having the types of clothes you are looking for for your girls, or were you interested in it anyways, and that has been a good use of the hobby? Also, have you or will you make your own clothes, or do you find that easier to just buy?

    ...I tried to find some skirts to add to my maternity wardrobe this last pregnancy and I couldn't believe how hard it was to find ANY skirts! Not even maternity skirts. I was just shopping for one or two sizes larger than what I usually wear and there was virtually nothing to choose from. I think that is when I got the big idea to make my own skirts, but I discovered that it costs about the same to buy the patterns, material and notions as it would to buy a ready-to-wear skirt. Plus the time to make it. Nonetheless, the patterns I chose are more precicesly what I want style-wise, and I don't really have any time or energy to browse stores looking for the "perfect" article of clothing anyways. I look forward to making them...someday!!

  4. Sarah W.: I enjoy sewing and it's a nice hobby because it actually gives me a finished product in a vocation in which my work is otherwise never finished. I wanted to learn to sew so that, if necessary, I could sew some modest pieces for my daughters, particularly when they are older. I don't think I'll do too much sewing for myself because, with enough effort, I can find the items I need in the marketplace. But the effort can be overwhelming, especially trying to find modest clothing for middle-school girls and young ladies. If I learn how to sew well, surely that's got to help me, maybe even simply modifying some storebought clothing to make it more acceptable.

    Yes, maternity skirts (that aren't micro-length) are nearly impossible to find. I've been really pleased to find some resources for them online, particularly New Creations.

  5. Awesome! I have been wanting to ask you about modesty shopping. Most of my clothes are from my pre-conversion days and after having three children, my body is weird and half of my wardrobe doesn't fit me or is too immodest.

  6. TridentineWife: I know all too well what you mean about pre-conversion clothing!

  7. Just found this blog post to links with more options for modest swimwear:

  8. has some more possibilities for modest/more modest swimwear.

  9. Many of these links don't work :(