Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mary's 6th Birthday

Today our Mary Genevieve turned six years old! 

She is a spitfire who keeps us on our toes. In every way imaginable, Mary is always climbing to the top . . . of any tree, building, or accomplishment! If there is any reason to invest in stocks in the paper industry, our little Mary's prolific production of drawings and letters every day is a good reason!

Yesterday, when I replied back to the love note Mary left me on the white board,
she asked perplexed, "But how did you know the note was from me?"

Mary's grandparents had come for a visit and everyone started off the day with a breakfast of bagels and strawberries. Then Mary opened her much-awaited gifts.

 Two of Mary's favorite gifts were from her own big brother: a crazy straw . . .

. . . and pink kitten slippers! Does it get better than that?


You know she is a Music Nerd when she is this excited about receiving a music stand and String Swing.

Music lover

But you know she's also still just six when she turns the box into a robot and plays with it for an hour!

Robot Girl

Grandmom and the girls spent an enjoyable time together making her famous applesauce before we headed to the ice rink for a couple hours of skating.

Joseph loves running free and wild through the spacious ice rink.

Joseph dancing to the music on a bench with Pop-Pops

The children stood watching one of the excellent skaters spinning and began trying to do it themselves.

For her birthday dinner, Mary requested fettuccine Alfredo with Mama's homemade sauce, sweet Italian sausage, and salad, and, for dessert, baked pears with vanilla ice cream. (Looking at her birthday blog post from last year, I see she requested almost the identical dinner and the very same dessert then too!)

Mary blew out her candles the instant we handed her the dessert, while we were still singing.

So excited, she can hardly stand it!
We ended our day by reading aloud from one of her new Little Maid books, after which Mary declared (twice), "This was the best birthday ever!"


  1. This is just so sweet! You can't fake joy like that <333 Happy birthday, Mary! -Emiliann

  2. Katherine, kind of a frivolous question here, but where did you get your kitchen table and chairs? We're in the market for a new one, and I just can't find anything I like. I do like yours, though. It looks sturdy and well-made.

  3. Anita: We bought our kitchen table and chairs at Potty Barn. The table was from the outlet (an hour or so from Charlotte?) and the chairs from a regular PB store; I don't think they were a matched set. They are sturdy, but inexpensive because made of that commonly used rubberwood. The kids can definitely scratch into it, so when they do any drawing or schoolwork at the table, they need to use a hard surface or they leave marks in the finish. That used to bother us more, but now there are so many scratches, we don't mind anymore.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Mary! She is just beside herself, its so sweet. Her joy exudes through the photos. I'm happy to see a mouth-full of teeth. :) I'm also super impressed with their ice skating skills!