Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Field Trip to Firehouse No. 7

It seemed in retrospect a rather all-American event to take a field trip to a local firehouse on Veteran's Day, given that many of these firemen are former military themselves and certainly are all public servants who rescue Americans on a daily basis.

A stained glass window

Margaret hiding in a nook

A fireman coming down the pole

Showing us the truck

Showing us the truck

The tiny No. 7 Station is one of the oldest in Charlotte at almost 80 years old.


At one point, I was standing in the grass when my eyes fell upon Mary's lonely shoes. That can only mean one thing . . .

A clue

Climbing! She always climbs barefoot.

Mary up the tree

My two boys in red

Margaret, sullen because she can't yet climb as high as can Mary

The whole gang!

It feels disingenuous to post charming pictures of a fun field trip when Mama is struggling and failing to find equanimity so much during these last days and weeks. (Please pray for me.)

Equanimity (noun): mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, 
especially in a difficult situation

Yes, I desperately need more of that!

It remains imprudent to complain publicly in a blog format. Yet I worry that posting only from a place of Christian cheerfulness will cause a mother with a delicate heart to feel even more discouraged: My life doesn't look like that right now!

Always I hope that mothers (or anyone) reading this blog (or any blog) remember that cute, idyllic pictures capture only so much of a situation. Photos and lovely words express a partial truth, but the whole truth of life is always full of mess, dirt, grime, and best intentions.

Soldier on, mothers!


  1. I appreciate your honesty, Mrs. Lauer. Even if what the pictures say and what you say is really happening don't correspond, what I've seen of you is extremely patient and calm, or at least striving for that goal. And you know what? I think God finds it even more pleasing that you are aiming so diligently for equanimity than you actually possessing it.

    Keep up the good work! -Emiliann W

  2. Equanimity constantly eludes me. I always appreciate your honest caveats. It is very easy to become dismayed when reading blogs (not singling you out here, in general). I have purposely been doing less in the past month to get a hold on the situation at home (it hasn't worked very well) and have felt like I was missing out on the fun; I appreciate your honesty as well. And Emiliann, my goodness, what a smart and well spoken young lady!