Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dental Report and Reading on the Road

When you're a homeschooling mother and haven't yet reached that glorious and tantalizing place we've only heard of called Having a Child Old Enough to Babysit, then taking one child to an emergency dental visit means taking all the children along, and that means, of course, no school.

No academic school, that is. I suppose other life lessons are learned, like getting to practice composure while waiting.

I pack up lots of stuff to keep the children quiet in the waiting room.

Audio book for the hour spent driving, books to read in the office, snacks to eat afterward

Mary looks grumpy only because she claimed that her sister "reading" aloud was disturbing her to no end.
And, yes, the three-year-old is the one who insisted on such perky, large bows.

The upshot is that Mary may or may not keep the central, upper incisor that was almost knocked out last Friday: time will tell. On the bright side, the x ray reveals that her adult teeth are big and healthy, and the doctor estimates them to be only six to eight months from emerging.

In random cuteness, Margaret (3-1/2) made her first attempt at phonetic spelling. She brought me this labeled picture of her friend Carmella.

KLA = Carmella


  1. They are so precious! And I hope Mary gets well soon. I've had my fair share of dental drama, and believe me, it's no fun :( -Emiliann W

  2. That picture cracked me up, Margaret is so happy (and adorable!) and Mary is just pouting. Ahhh, what a snapshot. I do hope Mary's tooth stays in. Gabriela hit one of her front teeth at about her age. It got really dark for a long time, but then it actually healed and lightened before she lost it.