Monday, November 10, 2014

A Very Fun Sunday

What a fun Sunday!

Sunday breakfast feast with friends . . . 

a beautiful Missa Cantata . . . 

followed by the Second Sunday picnic at our parish. I enjoyed so much watching the children, all of whom happened to be homeschoolers, at recreation. Where else does one see children from a few months old through 16 years old all socializing together with complete abandon and fun? I see no scowling faces, or brooding, or exclusion of kids who aren't the exact right age or in the exact right clique. At one point, I walked past the kids and they were all doing Scottish country dance, the ones who knew it teaching it to the ones who don't. At another point, they were all out on the playground, and a few teenagers were playing a word game of sorts with each other, constructing Latin sentences for the one and the other would have to translate, a game of skill and laughter.

These homeschooled kids are interesting. They're interesting even for adults to converse with! These young adults are polite, smart, interesting, and--above all--well socialized!

Shooting, still in his Mass clothes

And after that enjoyment, we drove out to some acreage so John could try out his new BB gun, something he worked hard for daily over a month to earn it. We are proud of his fortitude and perseverance!

We came home for the last of the birthday ice cream cake and everyone tumbled into bed, including this exhausted Mama who was sound asleep by 8:30. It's a wild life, that's for sure.


  1. You're right-yesterday was so much fun! So glad to see everyone yesterday <3 -Emiliann W

  2. As emailed to me by a reader: "I love this. And homeschooled kids really ARE very interesting. In my short amount of time within the community, I'm really recognizing the difference between HS kids and kids in public school. It's amazing. Even in the secular HS co-op we belong to, the older kids are so amazing with the littler one, and I'm sure that has A LOT to do with learning social skills from adults and not peer attachments."