Wednesday, July 11, 2018

David Is 11 Months Old

David James is 11 months old today! Having entirely missed his 10-month photos, I'm not missing today.

Our little guy weighs almost 22 pounds--making him one of our smaller babies, noting that his next brother up weighed four pounds more than him at this age--but he does sport a 99th percentile head.

He is saying "Mama!" with great purpose, which I think is earlier than my other babies, who babbled it for a long time before saying it intentionally. Also, this week, he has begun growling purposefully to make us laugh.

David began standing for a second and even took his first step (more than once) on July 4th. Within a week, I saw him standing for five seconds in a row. Will he be walking by one year old?

He still isn't actually consuming any solids--remaining exclusively breastfed--but he's making good strides in feeding therapy with Miss Jenn. David squawks at meal times until I serve him and he loves to put food in his own mouth--not allowing himself be fed by spoon or hand--and enjoys textures and flavors. He is starting to move his tongue around with more dexterity, so he moves the bolus of food all around and then deftly pushes it right back out of his mouth. He'll get there yet!

He takes two naps, still solidly at 9:00 and 1:00, but his morning nap is shifting later and being shortened in order to protect the 1:00 nap (because if Mama doesn't have the baby and preschooler napping simultaneously, she might crack up).

David still hasn't really been apart from Mama, although I do sometimes leave him napping at home with Daddy while I dash to the grocery store. But Baby doesn't know I'm gone!

He's so precious to us!

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