Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Archaeological Find

A find of note was discovered during an archaeological dig, specifically in the deep and clogged recesses beneath the bed of a 7-year-old female. The letter was left behind by a person self-identified only as "Mary (age 6)," and our analysis suggests that this Mary may have been an actual prisoner or simply a member of an oppressed class of her society.

Our team of cryptographers offers this transcription of the note (corrected for spelling and grammar):

Today has been pretty bad. I've been asked to do almost all chores: turning off the water, getting a fork for Joe, and taking a shower with Margaret. I've been pretty grumpy today. We are now cleaning the bonus room.
Good day turns bad.
Tuesday 7
Mary (age 6)

Detailed analysis suggests that this note was written sometime in the period between November 2014 and November 2015.

The intended audience of this note is unknown, but was probably meant for a hoped-for but unknown sympathetic recipient, as is the case with most "prisoner graffiti," whether carved into ancient stone cell walls or scribbled on smuggled-in scraps of paper. Psychological analysis suggests that merely to hope that one's sufferings may one day receive sympathy gives the oppressed the ability to go on another day.

While it may have been a 'good day turned bad' for Mary of yesteryear, a find like this makes it a 'bad day turned good' for our archaeological team.


  1. Ha! I thought they were cleaning the 'bones' room---which would be perfect for a prisoner.