Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy Third Birthday, Joseph!

Today Joseph Anthony turns three years old! 'Josey,' as he is most often called is the apple of this Mama's eye. With his sandy brown curls and delightfully sweet, energetic nature, he makes me happy every day. In fact, as part of a Bible study I'm doing, I'm daily supposed to list three things that give me joy, and some aspect of Joseph always makes the list.

Josey daily tells me, "You're my best friend! I love you, Mama!" Whenever we pretend that we're racing somewhere, he gets there first, turns around, and says to me, "Let's be on the same team . . . let's win together!"

When I tuck him in for nap or bedtime, we each have to give each other one blessing on the forehead, one hug, and one kiss . . . and I'd better not forget it! He is my delight.

Joseph's actual third birthday was low key because we had an unusually busy day with various family members going here, there, and everywhere: we'll be celebrating with grandparents tomorrow.

Opening a gift from Caleb
In the meanwhile, while I had two other children at two separate events requiring two separate pick-ups, I met up with a friend and the youngest half of her set for ice cream cones and play time at Chik-Fil-A.

A foam airplane!

Hugging his friend

Friends waiting for ice cream cones . . .

For his birthday, he said, "I want to wear a handsome shirt," and chose this one.

He never let go of that airplane and went to sleep with it that night.

Enjoying ice cream with a friend
Josey had a great time playing at the indoor play structure for an hour with his pals before we had to leave. More fun times lie ahead for his tomorrow, as always, God willing!

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