Sunday, January 17, 2016

Double Birthday Fun

On Sunday, we met the grandparents 'in the middle' (Greenville, SC) where we attended Mass and went to Wild Aces pizzeria for lunch. Some dear friends were discovered at Mass too, so they brought along their bunch of kids to lunch to add to the fun (and noise)--we were all happy to be given our own room in the restaurant.

Thomas and Grandmom

Thomas and Grandmom
Pop-Pops was having a birthday too, so he received some great, soldier-themed coloring pages from the children.

Mary made a Star Wars-themed birthday card for Joseph, as well as making him a light saber out of a cardboard tube and construction paper.

Star Wars card
Thomas and his daddy

Homemade light saber

Sweet Joseph received a sword and shield (which made him shriek with joy) and, from us, a Frog and Toad book and CD to replace his beloved CD, all scratched up because he listens to it at every single nap time and bedtime.

Now we're as ready as we can be: let the threes begin!

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  1. It seemed like forever between the time I had Linus and you had Joseph! But now that they're both three they're practically the same age! Happy birthday!