Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall/Winter Clothing Switch-Out

Homemade hot cocoa and microwave popcorn on a rainy afternoon . . . 

. . . with our current read-aloud, "James and the Giant Peach"!

Considering we are too rained out this weekend to do anything else, it seemed like an appropriate time to get our wardrobes in order.

Over the last week, I have worked on our Fall Clothing Switch-out. It took me about four different sessions of time to put away clothing too small or for the summer, donate away what I could, throw away what I couldn't, pull out any fall/winter clothing from our bins, and then log everything each child owns.

We have been blessed with so many beautiful hand-me-downs from a handful of friends and family that I will have to buy virtually nothing for these five kids, including coats. (Shoes are another matter!) We feel blessed.

Future best friends (11 weeks tomorrow and 2-1/2 years)

Chunky Monkey Thomas is not yet three months old and wearing 6- to 12-month clothing, like this cute dinosaur number I pulled out of a bin.

We buy most of our children's clothing used, but one item that is hard to find used are leggings for girls to wear beneath dresses. The Very Gud Livable Leggings by Hanna Andersson are excellent, but $20 adds up fast. I've bought leggings from Gap Kids before but, again, they're nearly $20 and they are usually vibrant colors, garish prints, or lace-trimmed.

So, I'm excited this fall to be trying the company Primary, which sells only solid-colored clothing. For $12 each, I can buy girls leggings in full length or capri or pajama pants in the plain, solid colors we prefer. Shipping is free over $50 and supposedly arrive within one to three days.

I hope this company is a winner!

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