Sunday, October 4, 2015

Life Chain Sunday

Source: Catholic News Herald, see the article

Today we participated in the Life Chain outside of our church after Mass, as many of the churches around town were doing. It has been on my heart lately that, for the last couple of years, I no longer carve out time to pray at abortion mills or participate in such organized pro-life events. I perceive such a difference between having five kids to when I had three and, in many areas, I just cant do it anymore . . . or right now, with these kids at these ages.

Mary praying roadside on her knees

We got out of Mass and Chris suggested we stay to participate in the Life Chain. My participation ended up being the behind-the-scenes support of the bodies in our family . . . and isn't that what mothers do?

Chris and Mary holding signs

After fasting for hours before Mass, this nursing mother and the younger children couldn't easily wait longer and I'd forgotten to pack snacks, so I drove to McDonald's to get food for us all. I fed little ones, nursed the baby for the third time at church, changed his diaper (again), and escorted tots on multiple potty visits. When I finished taking care of all of their bodies, it was 2:57, three whole minutes before the Life Chain would end and I hadn't taken a step toward the road to stand there and pray myself.

On a day like this, I thank God particularly for marriage because I am reminded that so often one spouse or the other is the Invisible Supporter. Today I helped make the Life Chain possible for a portion of our family because I was taking care of the corporal needs of our weakest members. So often Chris is making our activities possible by his support behind the scenes. And sometimes we're being pro-life just by raising our own families and not appearing at all at external events like this one--and that has to be good enough during this challenging season.

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  1. Prayers are important but ones actions and sacrifices as a mother are most pleasing to our Lord, so say many saints. God bless mothers!