Friday, October 2, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday


Last Sunday Thomas turned 10 weeks old and rolled over for the first time, then tried valiantly to capture That Elusive Toy.


Whole-family fun at John's evening soccer practice . . . 


I was feeling irritated as Mary was cutting up bits of paper (trash! mess!) during one of our school lessons. She was listening and talking but intently cutting all the while. Good thing I bit my tongue from yelling at her because it turns out she was carefully cutting out the words that would read "I love you." Practicing fine motor skills, check. Loving her Mama, check.


Bonus reading: "How 'Soul Mate' Nonsense Is Destroying Christian Marriages" by Eric Mataxas.


What We're Watching . . . Family Movie Night last Sunday offered "Follow Me, Boys!" (Disney 1966) which was darling and enjoyed by those ages 4 and above. There are plot lines available for varied age interest from young kids (fun songs!) up to adult (self-discover, maturation, marriage). Bonus points for interesting boys due to the Boy Scouts serving as a framework for the movie. Available for rent at Amazon Instant Streaming.


John calmly and bravely suffered a big disappointment yesterday when his anticipated-for-an-entire-year Altar Boy Camp (run by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter) was cancelled due to anticipated bad weather resulting from Hurricane Joaquin. I had checked out from the library a bunch of great books on CD for the road trip, Chris had gotten out all the camping supplies, John had packed his suitcase by himself. Daddy, who would have been taking John out of state, had taken such good care of us, even taking his girls and toddler boy out to a special goodbye breakfast on Thursday and bringing home a double order of restaurant French toast for me to serve on Sunday, knowing that Daddy is the one who makes special breakfasts before Mass.

Our local city is anticipated to receive 8-12" of rain, and we're right on the border of the zone anticipated to receive 12-15" of rain, so it should be a sopping mess.


Today I caught up on filing artwork and school work for July through September. Margaret (4) has recently begun drawing much better so that I now have trouble distinguishing whether she or her 6-year-old sister drew a picture.

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