Friday, August 7, 2015

Our (Probably Too) Big Day

On Friday--Thomas at 19 days old--we enjoyed some firsts, and I stretched my wings a little, but also overextended myself. Lessons learned!

I'm slowly learning how to exclusively pump for Thomas while taking care of more around the home. One of my new tactics is to have Mary hold Thomas so he doesn't cry while I'm pumping for him. Mary is a real 'mother hen' to him and he loves to listen to his big sister hum her violin pieces for him.

Friday was Thomas' first well-baby check with the pediatrician and my first time driving. (Honestly, I don't know how postpartum women drive much sooner than several weeks. I find myself hormonally overwhelmed just by four kids around the kitchen table talking to me all at once, so being ready to process safely the information/data points of every car on the road, kid on the sidewalk, or squirrel darting in front of my vehicle takes me a long time.)

Undressed and waiting for the doctor

Big boy has gained one pound eight ounces in his first two-and-a-half weeks.

After the doctor's appointment, we had another first: our first shopping trip together (to Target).

In the evening, John and Mary had their Latin choir concert and art auction. Having missed an entire summer of outings and classes with them, I hoped to attend the final event, so Chris offered to stay home with the younger kids. Unfortunately, due to extensive road construction and rush hour traffic, the normal 20-minute drive took me 50 minutes, so I missed almost the entirety of the concert. As we were stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, Thomas was crying and Mama was crying.

Mary fell off the monkey bars hours before the concert;
we are hoping it is just a sprain/strain!
Today I learned a few things I can do as new Mama of Five and a few things I'm not quite strong enough to do. Baby steps, baby steps . . . I'm ever amazed how delicate is the postpartum time!

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