Saturday, August 8, 2015


It turns out that six-year-old Mary does indeed have a fracture of the wrist, making her the family trailblazer with stitches and now a broken bone. She wasn't even doing anything wild this time, merely swinging along the monkey bars from which she fell.

It is going to be such a (sadly) quiet couple of weeks without Mary's continuous playing of music around the house! Without her being able to make music or climb things, I'm going to have to find her some page-turning books to read and fast!

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  1. Oh my goodness...never a dull moment, right?! I hope she hangs in there and heals quickly!! I'm sorry that happened to her! The baptism looked beautiful. You keep taking it as easy as you can! After my last baby I went around the house and town like I was 20 and could do it surprise that 2 weeks postpartum I came down with strep throat that took a whole month and 4 different antibiotics to to get better...if I get the chance again, I will finally (5th time) actually take it easy and let my body rest and not feel guilty about just holding my baby...It feels like you blink and they are crawling....these early months are so special! Thanks for all that you share.