Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Two Big, Fat Pounds

Thomas has gained two pounds in the three weeks since his birth. He weighed in at 10 lbs 2 oz today!

I didn't have to put down Thomas for this nap because
a dear friend of mine took my kids for a play date on Sunday.

Thomas' big nursing success is that he is latching on himself a couple of times per day. Last night, I happened to get him on the transfer scale before and after, so I know he was able to nurse one whole ounce by himself before he tuckered out. This is a good success for which I am grateful, but I also know we have a long road ahead as his typical bottle feed is three ounces and he consumes about 30 ounces per day.

Our next tactic is going to be trying a Haberman feeder, about which I'm very excited!

Milk drunk

10 lbs 2 oz at 3 weeks old--concerned expression
I am working so hard trying to learn how to run the home, feeling overwhelmed by the nursing issues, and trying to process all this postpartum 'stuff.' I have an essay in my head that I very much want to write but no time to write it and so far no ability to frame it right, either.

In the meanwhile, adventures (like Mary's fracture) continue around me, irrelevant of the fact that I declare I have enough on my plate with normal postpartum transition and a baby who can't nurse. This morning, I was working in the kitchen, baby in arms, while the children played in the back yard. I stepped out to check on them, as I do every few minutes, only to find Margaret (4-1/2) nonchalantly very high in a tree.

If you click on the picture to zoom in, you will note that the children somehow lodged an ottoman/stool up in the tree, as well as a pretend, pink shotgun to defend themselves from varmints.

Margaret (4) in a tree
Margaret did not know she was stuck until I inquired and she discovered she could not get down. Frankly, I don't even know how she got up there: I know the two older kids can shimmy straight up a rope, pulling their dead weight, but not Margaret! Thankfully, Daddy was home to get her down safely from the tree because I really, really do not need any more trips to Urgent Care or the hospital for a long time.

Then a mere hour later, my heart rate had calmed down from the tree incident, and I try to step away to pump milk for my wee baby . . . only to return and hear report that the children had spotted the 6-foot rat snake that apparently lives in our back yard. I can't ever step away without adventures happening!


  1. Tree-climbing girls are awesome, as long as they don't require er trips ;) (she was so high!!!!)
    After I pumped and bottle-fed Ben for 6 weeks I used a nipple shield to help him transition. I think it was more similar to the feel of the bottle. Prayers for Thomas to keep up the good work so mama can give up the pump :-)

  2. The snakes are everywhere this year because of the drought. There was some article about it recently. Prayers. I love her adventurous spirit up in that tree though ;)