Monday, August 3, 2015

Baptism of Thomas Vincent

Thomas Vincent was baptized on Sunday August 2 at the parish of St. Ann in Charlotte, NC. 

We did not advertise widely because I was not yet strong enough for a big celebration. At our baby-booming parish, we now must schedule a baptism months in advance in order to have the baby baptized "within the first few weeks" of birth, as advised by Canon Law (867). Honestly, I chose the date thinking I'd have a four-week-old, but it turns out I had a wee two-week-old. Those two weeks mean the difference in this Mama's strength between a sacrament only versus a sacrament and a party!

I was just amazed to be dressed in real clothing, wearing makeup, with my hair done up, given that the baby still has his days and nights mixed up, resulting in grueling stretches like my being awake for 22 hours in a row before getting a 'whole night's sleep' of three hours. It took the effort of six adults all morning to get themselves and five children ready!  

We enjoyed a lovely meal at home afterward, thanks in no part to me.
  • Steak (leftover from the day prior)
  • Green salad (leftover)
  • Gruyere and spinach casserole (gift of a parishioner)
  • Fruit salad (gift of a parishioner)
  • Baskin Robbins ice cream cake (gift of the godparents)

The Churching of Women . . .

Consecrating the baby to the Virgin Mary . . .

These beautiful photos were taken by a professional photographer whom the parish requested to take photos of our baptism in order to add some photos of sacraments to our parish website. Thus, we benefited from such lovely photography! The complete set of photos can be viewed by clicking here.


  1. Lovely! Congratulations! I saw a barcode on the back of one of the Baptism booklets - does the parish have a set of permanent ones now?

  2. Simply lovely! Brought joyful tears. Did baby Thomas Vincent smile after being baptized? Anyway he looked absolutely serene.

  3. Beautiful photos! What a treasured and unexpected gift during this difficult time.