Thursday, May 21, 2015

Parish School Field Day

On Thursday, Chris took John and Mary to participate in Field Day at our parish school, which had welcomed homeschoolers (grades K-5) again this year.

The children are in groups and travel among fifteen different activity stations plus one station that handed out popsicles. They really enjoy the day!

Meanwhile, I decided to set aside all the productive work I could get done if I stayed home and let the television babysit Margaret and Joseph, instead taking them to story time at the library. What fun!

Doing the open-close rhyme

Mama's pregnant belly has become a comforting pillow,
even out and about.

After three books and songs before, in between, and after, the story reader set out a bunch of wonderful, big, chunky preschooler toys. The most fabulous were these Lakeshore Learning Hear Myself Sound Phones: a big bag of red phones! I'm adding those to our Christmas/birthday wish list!

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  1. I was noticing at the park yesterday how beautiful Margaret is. These pictures reminded me.