Friday, May 22, 2015

Celebrating the End of School

Friday morning found us meeting up with a few pals at a wonderful local park to celebrate the end of the school year. Of course, I had to explain to our kids that our school year is not ending and, come Monday, we'll be right back at the books. We try to stick to it year round so we can take field trips, days off, and vacations whenever we need; this summer, we intend to take a longer break when I have the baby.

There were about four playgrounds designed for various age groups at this park, along with a splash pad, and a well-shaded eating area with at least ten picnic tables.

It was slightly chilly for the splash pad, so the kids dried off and continued romping on the playgrounds, as well as chasing bubbles and playing football. Then we enjoyed a robust potluck picnic followed by a whole selection of desserts.

I realize I captured no photos of Mary because she was too fast, darting here and there, and was "in the thick of things" with other kids every time I approached her with a camera. There's no slowing her down!

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  1. I wasn't sure the best place to post a curriculum question, but I thought here could work since you mentioned keeping a school schedule this summer!

    For Prima Latina do you use the copybook? Could the lessons be taught and reinforced with simple copy work on lined paper rather than buying the specific copybook? Did you use the corresponding flash cards? Are they helpful?