Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Margaret's First Eucharistic Adoration

When Chris goes to his weekly Eucharistic Adoration hour, he asks the children if anyone wants to go with him (he takes just one), or he invites a child particularly. With some regularity, the children want to go, which is a wonderful opportunity for teaching them, at the most basic, how to be quiet in a church. Later, they will learn how actually to pray and meditate.

Margaret officially signing in as a guest

This week was Margaret's first time at Adoration. She is only four, but Chris almost always has his hour to himself, so he was happy to risk taking her who might still be a chatterbox.

The report I received was that she looked at a holy book quietly to herself for about a half hour, sometimes whispering questions, which is just fabulous . . .

. . . and then she fell asleep on a kneeler, which is also fine!

We know full well that our children are initially lured to Adoration with Chris because they get some alone time with Daddy and often get to swing by a fast food joint for breakfast on the way home. That is okay with us! I remember going through a short stage when our firstborn was about three when we'd tell him we'd go buy a doughnut after Mass if he was good during church. And still our kids run to the parish office on Sundays to get a lollipop from the secretary, but, if they were naughty during Mass, we don't let them. Children aren't adults, nor are they monks and nuns. These are first steps at learning holy behavior.

And first steps are followed by second steps . . . just recently, our 8-year-old woke up, approached his dad, and requested to go to Adoration. Why, we asked? Because it was the feast day of one of his patron saints, so he wanted to go in honor of that. While there, he prayed his first Litany of the Saints by himself.

I say that that result was worth a few Chik-Fil-A breakfasts over the years!


  1. This. Is. Awesome. I am so impressed that Margaret was quiet and still for 30 minutes in a place with very little activity to observe! And John's desire to honor a saint and his special day with time with Our Lord - wow!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your kids are precious! John's request was wonderful, and certainly a result of his adoration trips with his dad and being brought up in the faith. I will keep y'all in my prayers. :)