Monday, February 9, 2015

Planning for Lent 2015

It is that time of year again. We find ourselves one and a half weeks until Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.

In past years, I've posted rather extensively ideas for planning for a fruitful Lent, particularly for the plans of homeschooling parents. This year, I found myself feeling what I thought was aridity, a smallness of self, a low amount of energy. I drafted this blog post writing disappointingly about how I couldn't even plan this Lent and how I'd have to look to my own self speaking to me from the past. However, when I actually looked back through my own Lent planning posts for resources, I noticed sharply that every other year I wrote the same blah post: those were the pregnancy years! And on the non-pregnancy years, I bubbled over with planning enthusiasm. This realization has relieved me: there's nothing wrong with me, I'm just putting most of my bodily, mental, and emotional energy into creating a new wee one!

Below are my prior posts in case they are of assistance to anyone:

As far as our little family goes, I suspect we will try to have a simple Lent. I intend to take this week off of regular catechism lessons to talk to learn about Lent each day with the children. The most successful children's tool in our home has been the salt dough crown of thorns, so we will make that again and maybe only that. I can see a particular fault/weakness/vice the children are currently struggling with (we all have our struggles!), so we may find a way to focus just on improving that area during Lent. I am trying hard this year to remain focused and choose for myself only small sacrifices and goals that are actually achievable, not so expansive that I am doomed to failure and frustration yet again (an age-old spiritual trap).

I will add more resources to this post in the coming weeks. Last updated 2/8/2015.

"You Want Me to Give Up What?"

Speaking of Holy Heroes, the company offers many good products for children, as well as their Lenten Adventure (free online, follows the Novus Ordo calendar, not traditional).

Practical ideas for the practice of the Works of Mercy

I was recently introduced to a fascinating blog that isn't specific to Lent but is a wealth of a resource year-round or particularly during Lent. Contemplative Homeschool: Musings on Carmelite spirituality and raising contemplative kids.

For those who are not giving up social media for the season, here is something new.

For my readers local to Charlotte, NC:

CCWG Lenten Retreat

Lenten Mission on Divine Mercy

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