Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mystery Mosaics

We struggle to find enough time to read aloud our History books in what is a very reading-intensive program. Since I read our Literature books at bedtime, I don't have a good time to read History daily, which makes our progress slow.

I recently found Mystery Mosaic coloring books and they have been a great occupation to keep the children still and content while I read. They are a sophisticated color-by-code project, so they aren't babyish. However, they give even a young child (five or six?) ability to create a beautiful, shaded picture by filling in the squares.

And unlike Legos, Magformers, or any building system (which they play while I'm reading), they don't make noise, a toddler can't throw them, and no fights break out over who has the needed wheels.


  1. How lovely! i hope you post the finished products. -Emiliann W.

  2. Those look neat! I've been thinking about RC history, need to ask you more questions about that program.