Sunday, February 22, 2015

Laundry Room Transformation Part 1

Our laundry room is undergoing a bit of a fun transformation. When a woman spends as much time in a laundry room as I do, these changes bring excitement!

When we first moved in, we debated at length whether to store our second refrigerator in the garage or laundry room and decided on the latter. This turned a spacious laundry room into a tight fit . . . 

. . . especially when Mama is toting a pregnant belly. Even at only halfway through this pregnancy, I nearly have to lift my belly over the lip of the washing machine in order to stand there and load clothing.

Sad Mama doesn't fit

So, this weekend, we spent the afternoon moving the refrigerator to the garage and now there is noticeably more space in the laundry room!

A card table temporarily for folding clothing

A replacement for our 12-year-old washing machine is winging its way to us and it won't fit beneath the built-in wall cabinet. We will be moving the cabinet to the other wall and, at some point, buying a sturdy table on which I can fold the clothing and shelving on which to store things. I am excited!

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