Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meal Plans 2/22/15

I seem to recall that "mommy bloggers" used to post their weekly meal plans more often: I, for one, found it helpful and inspiring! So, I just thought today I'd post my meal plan for this week.

I am much more relaxed if I have our breakfasts and lunches planned too, so I've been doing that for some months. Those don't change much, although I might shift them around on a given week (a fast and easy breakfast or lunch on a day we are rushing to an outing).

For breakfasts, often I have something different than the kids, like brown rice and beans. For lunches, Chris and I usually have dinner leftovers and/or a salad.

I'm no gourmet cook, but I'm trying my best! As I must remind myself often, "I don't cook gourmet meals: I homeschool my kids. I don't do interior design: I homeschool my kids. I don't do Pinterest crafts: I homeschool my kids . . . ."

B: French toast*, bacon, strawberries
D: Pork tenderloin, roasted winter vegetables, homemade cranberry sauce, sauteed rice with onions and peas, and green salad

B: biscuits, sausage, orange or OJ
L: ham sandwich, pretzels with hummus, grapes
D: Sunday leftovers

B: bagels, orange or OJ
L: hot dogs, boxed mac & cheese, apple
D: hamburgers, tater tots, salad

Brown Sugar Oatmeal Pancakes: "Nothing is better than these pancakes, Mama!" --John (8)

B: homemade pancakes*, strawberries
L: pinwheel pizza (new recipe I'm trying--interestingly, only two of us liked it), pear
D: sausage, homemade mac & cheese with bacon, broccoli

B: homemade waffles*, orange or OJ
L: cheese quesadilla, grapes
D: chicken tacos, Spanish rice, chips and guacamole and queso dip

B: toast, eggs, orange or OJ
L: peanut butter jelly sandwiches, apple
D: homemade grilled pizza, salad

I often wing it on Saturdays.

On days we make French toast, waffles, or pancakes, we often make a double batch. These breakfast breads freeze beautifully. This means every other morning I'm serving these, I don't actually have to cook them, but can remove them from the freezer and toast them. Yum! Plus it is healthier and cheaper than these products store-bought.

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