Monday, February 2, 2015

Groundhog's Day

There was much anticipation over the weekend with the children bustling around making me birthday cards and gifts, then even wrapping the beloved objects themselves.

Early morning presents

John and Margaret gave me a "diamond" necklace, the idea conceived by Margaret, the diamond donated from John's treasure box, and the necklace constructed by both. Mary made me a headband out of her new headband kit. It is a very fun stage when the children are old enough to start thinking of gifts and making them all by themselves!

Better picture

Picture in which you can see my diamond necklace
Schooling the children
Speaking of homeschooling, I very much enjoyed this article, "The 10 Best Things You're Not Doing for Your Homeschool." I save it here to remind myself to keep reading it.

Dinner at Olive Garden


  1. Happy birthday Mrs. Lauer! May it be a blessed day-although I'm sure it already is :D -Emiliann W

  2. I love that link and its very heartening that we do a lot of those things already. The poetry teatime is from that language arts curriculum link I sent you a couple of months ago, BraveWriter. (I've only done one of those).

  3. Happy Birthday! May God grant you many more years to allow you to continue to glorify Him and help your family grow in virtue and holiness!!!!! :)