Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sisters of Mercy: Civil War Exhibit

On Saturday, Chris took John and Mary to a Civil War Exhibit by the Sisters of Mercy. They were having a special open house today, but those interested in future may visit on Thursdays or by appointment (call to confirm).

I wanted this to be a family outing, but my Saturdays are typically overloaded with house cleaning and administrative tasks (e.g., planning school and meals for the week, placing a grocery order for the week). Mea culpa for sending the trio to the exhibit an hour before it opened when it was in the 20s and too cold to play outside while they waited!

"Of the 640 Catholic sisters who volunteered to serve as nurses in the Civil War, over 100 were Sisters of Mercy. During this time nursing was not considered a respectable profession for women. Despite this, many Catholic sisters felt the need to help. They were the only organized, experienced, and available nurses in the country. Although small in numbers, these sisters had a remarkable impact. They made enormous contributions toward relieving suffering and advancing the nursing profession. This exhibit chronicles how the various communities cared for Union and Confederate soldiers alike: officers and enlisted men, rich and poor, no matter their religion or heritage. Motivated by love of God, the Sisters of Mercy compassionately cared for the sick and prepared the dying for eternity."
Mary dressed up in period costume

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  1. Fascinating! I'm sure the children enjoyed themselves. -Emiliann W.