Friday, October 24, 2014

The Good Man File

Recently I discovered that I can see all my previously-lost-in-a-list-of-thousands Draft Posts in Blogger. I can see only my Draft Posts. So, I read through the thirty of them, deleted most, and will be publishing a few that I think are worthwhile keeping out of the dustbin. ~KTL

This blog post was originally drafted on November 6, 2013--published today and very appropriately for my husband's birthday!
MiraVia annual fundraising banquet, 10/23/14

When I was a single woman very desirous of marrying, my aunt had to shore up my confidence that there really are still good men in the world. I didn't even know of a man who existed who would pay for my share of the dinner date (instead of going Dutch), so I was in despair that I could find a man who wanted a homeschooling, homemaking wife.

So, my aunt began the Good Man File. Any time she found a news article that exhibited a truly good man, she'd send me the clipping and I literally saved them in a file to inspire me that all was not lost.

Indeed, all was not lost and I met Chris in my late 20s.

Last night I was reminded of the Good Man File because I thought that I wish I were still adding to it, that I could tell currently single women (and teenage girls) some of the attributes that actually make a good husband. These are attributes way different than modern pop songs and TV shows and magazines would have us think.

Chris does something I never thought or of knew what would be important when I was a single lady hoping to find a husband: He goes to great lengths to accommodate me during the time when I'm uncomfortable leaving my nursing baby back at the house.

A phase that lasts, oh, say, a year and a half per baby. Until six months or so later when the phase begins anew with the next baby!

Last night when my husband inquired if I had an outfit ready to wear to a wedding next weekend, I said I did but I wasn't so happy with my blouse and just didn't have time to shop for another one. Immediately he suggested he drive us all to the mall (where I haven't shopped in probably six years--ha ha! that harrowing experience is a tale for another time!) and he would sit with them in the parking lot so I could shop without the baby but be no more than ten minutes away from him. (This marked, I think, the second time I've been apart from nine-month-old Joseph.)

He has suggested this accommodation so I could go to dental appointments or do any number of errands, baby after baby, for four babies now.

I doubt I have any single ladies reading this blog but, if I do, I suggest you file that away in your Good Man File!
No 22-month-old Joseph in tow!


  1. Aw! I hope to find a husband like yours, God willing! And I know, sort of off topic, but that outfit is stunning. :) -Emiliann W

  2. You look stunning. I love the way the light and shadows are shaping your features in the first photo! Congrats on getting one of the good ones :) And especially for being able to leave Joseph! Was that the first time you both left him?
    Happy birthday to Chris!

  3. You are beautiful! Congrats to you both on finding such great mates.