Friday, October 24, 2014

Chris' Birthday 2014

Cards upon waking, a gift that came later in that day's mail . . . 

. . . pumpkin waffles (an experimental recipe) for breakfast . . . 

. . . dinner out at a restaurant, and ice cream cake by request at home!

And thus begins our Family Birthday Season in which we will celebrate all six birthdays within five months, along with the gift-giving days of St. Nicholas' day, Christmas, Epiphany, our wedding anniversary, and St. Valentine's day!


  1. Happy birthday Mr Lauer! -Emiliann W.

  2. How lovely ! We too have a birthday/gift giving season. Both of my girls have November birthdays. Our niece also has a November birthday and then St . Nicholas Day, one of my brother's birthdays and Christmas ! So much fun. I hope your "good man" enjoyed it

  3. Totally have you beat on the gift related/bday season. We start off with St. Nicholas, Christmas, Epiphany, Beatrice's bday 1/17, my bday next day on 1/18, Lucy 1/25, Ben 2/5, Valentine's Day, Cla's bday 2/26. So tightly packed. This is why Cla and I do not exchange gifts anymore. It got nuts the more kids we had! And poor Anna is 7/28 out there all alone. THat is why she is the oddball ;)