Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ice Skating for the First Time

Well, it was the second time #1 went ice skating but the first time for children #2 and #3. They'd been asking to try it ever since #1 got to go ice skating at altar boy camp over the summer. Busy weeks mean a long wait, but today was the day. We met up with some friends who are big ice hockey players in order to show us the ropes.

The children had an absolute blast! Two hours of wholesome hard exercise will result in tuckered-out children tonight. We went during public skate hours which started at two o'clock . . . well before the schools let out and the rink gets busy. The music was quiet in the background. The rink was nearly empty.

I noted that this is a sport that can be pursued as a family, accommodate all ages simultaneously, and can be performed with modest dress (as an amateur pastime, of course, not as a competitor--too bad times have changed). The rink is 2.5 miles from our home, used skates are cheap, and the monthly family membership costs less per month than one restaurant meal (for our family). These factors have this Mama's brain turning and whirling!

When we came home and warmed up with Mama's homemade hot cocoa, I asked the children, "Who would like to go ice skating again?"

A chorus of "Me, me, me!" rang out.

John said, "I'm going to say 'me' for every mile from here to China! That's how much I want to go back!"

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  1. Oh, how fun! I love to ice skate (read: slip and slide and fall on my bottom half the time! ;) -Emiliann W.