Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Planting

This week, I got a surge of inspiration to plant annuals, which I do only for the occasional spring or fall.

72 pansies, 9 kale, 12 snapdragons, 35 tulips, 15 daffodils, 30 Spanish bluebells, 40 crocuses

We scattered throughout the backyard woods 30 Spanish bluebells (12" high, purple, pink, and white mix, late spring blooming).

Along the walkway to the side entrance, I interspersed 12 snapdragons amidst the creeping phlox and decorative rocks.

At the top of the driveway, I've decided I should stop trying to plant a vegetable garden. I have just enough sunlight to grow the leaves of the vegetables, but not enough to grow the fruits. So, this fall I planted 9 decorative purple kale surrounded by a sea of 36 white and purple pansies. In a curved swath in front of this purplish sea are 36 yellow and burgundy pansies.

I am hoping all these tender annuals don't become delicious snacks for the deer.

In the wooded island in the front yard, we planted 40 crocus in purple, white, and yellow (6" high, early spring blooming) with the 15 white daffodils (12" high, late spring blooming) and 15 white and purple tulips (12" high) behind them.

And if the deer eat all my annuals or I don't have enough hours of full sun for them to grow, at least I have a bunch of cute punkins' decorating our front steps.

John put a temporary tattoo on his forehead because that seemed like a good idea.

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  1. The last two pics are ADORABLE!! And the garden looks lovely, too. -Emiliann W.