Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finer Femininity: Fall Edition

I would like to give my whole-hearted recommendation to the first edition of Finer Femininity magazine, celebrating "Living a Femininely Joyful Catholic Life."

I came across a recommendation for this publication on Facebook where Colleen Hammond, author of Dressing with Dignity, was praising its release. She is a longtime friend of the author, Leanne VanderPutten. (And, speaking of Colleen's book, I'd write a review of it myself as it had profound effect on my life, but I can just direct you here.)

Finer Femininity arrived in my mailbox just a few days ago and I've read it cover to cover--it's the kind of magazine I plan to just keep on reading over and over till it is tattered. The magazine is a collection of articles--many by priests, written at least sixty years ago before the chaos let loose--as well as bits of humor, housekeeping tips, prayers, quotes from saints, and advice. I noted that I had read virtually every book cited in here and could personally attest that this author is pulling from fine, traditional sources--books I would recommend.

The articles are all quite short, nearly snippets! This is the perfect magazine to leave lying around and grab up whenever a busy woman has a few moments to spare.

This magazine appeals to a wide variety of ages of women, from budding young ladies or teenagers, brides, young mothers just starting out, and grandmothers. (I think well-intentioned Catholic teenagers would benefit so much from this periodical, and not just the articles aimed at their age bracket, but the articles directed to the wives, mothers, and grandmothers as well. I think this magazine would make a wonderful gift from mother to young lady daughters.)

In order to further encourage you to order your own copy (here for $7.50), I will list the various articles in this edition:
  • An article about true womanhood, profiling St. Elizabeth of Hungary
  • An excerpt on children's souls from Mary Reed Newland's How to Raise Good Catholic Children
  • An excerpt on preparation for marriage from Fr. Raoul Plus' Christ in the Home
  • An article on order in the home by Mrs. VanderPutten
  • "The Kingdom of God Is Within You"
  • "Character Building: Beautiful Girlhood" by Mable Hale
  • A conversion story from Protestantism to Catholicism via the Rosary
  • An excerpt from Fr. Leo Kinsella's The Wife Desired
  • An article on charity by Mrs. VanderPutten
  • The Litany of Humility
  • An article about decorating the home for fall
  • An excerpt about teaching children obedience from Fr. George Kelly's The Catholic Family Handbook
  • "Purity in Company-Keeping" by Fr. Lovasik's Clean Love in Courtship
  • An excerpt on accepting husbands from Helen Andelin's Fascinating Womanhood
  • An article on the virtue of meekness
  • An excerpt on being happy parents from Fr. Raoul Plus' Christ in the Home
  • An excerpt on St. Gomer from Mary Reed Newland's How to Raise Good Catholic Children
  • Seven Days of Prayer to Our Lady for Your Marriage
  • A children's story from Sunday Morning Stories
  • A recipe
  • "Reflections on the Holy Family" by Fr. Francis Filas
  • Delightful, inspiring photos of family life

Heretofore, I was unaware of Mrs. VanderPutten's blog, but apparently she runs a blog, monthly meetings of Finer Femininity, now a magazine, and she owns a rosary-making shop. This alongside raising her family of 11 children, six still at home!

May I point you to her Book List for Youth? I've read virtually every one of those books and recommend them. And check it out, she even does T-Tapp just like me (she doing it much more faithfully than do I!).

I am enthusiastic about finding time to explore the author's website and past blog posts . . . as well as to read her anticipated next magazine edition in winter.


  1. It sounds like such an enriching read! ....did you have me in mind when you mentioned that even teenagers would benefit from this magazine? ;) haha. Well, I'd probably gobble up the sections directed towards mothers, too. I'm just weird like that. I read parenting magazines and, well, read this blog, the majority of which about homemaking and parenting, lol! very informative post! -Emiliann W

  2. Katherine, I just love your blog...I read everything you write...I just ordered this magazine...It looks wonderful. I guess I will examine it to see if you can buy a subscription or perhaps you are supposed to just buy each issue separately (??)....Enjoy the rest of the fall with your beautiful family!

  3. Emiliann: Surprisingly (to me!), you are not the only young lady (teenager) who follows my blog! So, I hope all of you young ladies will buy this periodical.

  4. Kate: Oh, how nice to hear from you again! You'll probably be too busy, but if you can drop me a line after you read this magazine, I'd enjoy hearing if you liked it. And, yes, it seems right now we cannot subscribe but must keep our ears open for when each edition is published, then buy it.