Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2

The snow began last night, technically making it a White Christmas. The kids woke up to a "winter wonderland" Southern style (read: not much snow!) and were thrilled. Upon learning that he could go sledding after Mass, John dressed for Mass more quickly than I've ever witnessed before!

Mary's Christmas dress

Bundled up for Mass

Our driveway in the snow

Our house in the snow

After Mass and breakfast at The Waffle House, we got bundled up in snow gear. We had bought snow suits for the kids last year when leaving for Boston and anticipating a big snow storm. But it melted so quickly that we didn't get to use the snow suits last year. I'm glad I bought them big as they still fit the kids today and probably will next year too.

It turns out that Mary does not like snow balls.

We drove to St. Patrick's cathedral to sled and dig on the hill behind the church. Many other kids had the same idea!

Daddy and Mary, walking along

My "athleticism" of the day was merely to go with the family to stand upright on flat ground and take photos of them sledding. That was enough for my back and I've been lying down at home much since then.

John didn't remember to ask about today's Christmas gifts till 2:00 p.m.! He is very excited about growing butterflies in the coming spring (thanks, Grandpa!).

We gave Mary her first apron and she has now been insisting on wearing it for more than two hours. I guess it is a hit!

Meanwhile, John is outside building a snowman with Daddy and we are expecting Grandmom and Pop-Pops to arrive tonight for a Christmas visit!


  1. My neighbors have that butterfly "cage" and it has worked splendidly for watching the butterfly process...and holding random insects all summer long. The netting does deteriorate if handled roughly, though...but John will hopefully recognize that and take care. :)

    Teresa also got an apron and wore it for a couple hours as she prepared and shared many foods. :)

    I'm sorry your back is bothering you so much already, Katherine.

  2. Hey, we used to do the 12 days thing as well (what fun memories!), but now with so many kids it is just too exhausting. Plus, if they each got one present on each of the 12 days that would be 48 new items just for the kids in my house! Not to mention that next year there will be another child aorund here! Whoa! I would go insane!

    Our alternative is that the kids open presents from extended family on Christmas morning and then from Godparents and us on 12th night (the night Jesus received his gifts). We try to limit the 12th night gifts to 3 items- usually one bigger item and two smaller items. It seems to work out really well for us this way. We don't put out the 12th night gifts until January 5.

    Did I mention that two of my kids have birthdays during this time as well? We are definitely on "child-item" overload right now!

  3. Frances: You overestimate John! He asked to hold the net container and was instantly being rough with it, using it to swing around to try to smash things. So we had some stern instructions and gave him several tries before putting it away in the box till spring. :P

  4. Jessica: I've been meaning to ask around of anybody who does/did the Twelve Days of Christmas: does that mean they actually buy one gift per day per child for 12 days?! We know a neighboring family with, I think, 12 kids and they still do the 12 days, so I've been meaning to ask them. I never had any intention of buying 12 gifts per child, so it was occurring to me that we might hit a road block. We have enough gifts under the tree for *somebody* to open about two gifts per day for the 12 days, but not for *everybody* to open a gift per day. Hhhhhmmm. I will have to figure out how this could work.

  5. Our 12 Days celebration is more about special acitivites and acts of service rather than gifts. We do something everyday.

    We spread gifts over the whole season: stockings on St. Nicholas Day, four gifts (or gift categories if I go a little overboard) on the 25th: something you want, something you need something to play with, something to read.

    This year I have a 12 Days of Christmas lapbook for Pre-K from Hands of Child for something special everyday. Since we have a newborn, we aren't going out much. We're also moving in about two weeks and are packing.

    Then on Epiphany we give three small gifts: something handmade (gold), something religious (frankincense), and something for the body (myrrh). This year it's a quilted city-themed play mat, the Kings' camels and elephants for our Nativity set (I'm stretching the religious theme a bit. Last year it was prayer books, year before rosaries), and new bubble bath. We'll also have Epiphany cake. :-)

  6. Your friend Meghan sent me a link to your blog. Apparently we shared the same parish for a bit. Well I'm sure you were attending first since we've only been attending for two years now. I love your blog, although I have only had a chance to skim it. And I also see that our pregnancies are pretty close together. I'm 24w4d along with a girl.

  7. Tridentine Wife: Nice to "meet" you! I go by "Tridentine Fan" on a lot of my message boards and such. When I converted into Catholicism, it was straight into traditional Catholicism at your California parish, with Fr. Berg as my catechist. I was there essentially for 2004-05, and then met my husband and moved away (bittersweet!). I love Tish's bookstore (and Tish!) and when I visit California (once yearly), I spend a lot of money there and have to ship back a box of books!

    How neat that we have concurrent pregnancies too!!!

  8. Well whenever you do visit CA again, we should plan to meet up at St. Stephen's and yes I love Tish as well. She is awesome. I would invite you over to my private blog but I can't find your email address. Let me know if you'd like an invite.