Monday, December 6, 2010

Birthday Party in Atlanta

After Mass on Sunday, the three local cousins came over for a joint birthday party for Mary turning two and John four.

As I had suspected, the kids seemed to have the most fun simply bopping around balloons. Still, this was the first true "kid party" I'd hosted, so I felt compelled to plan activities. In future, I might just blow up balloons and leave it at that!

St. Nicholas was my theme, as his feast day would be the next day. First, the kids decorated a St. Nicholas paper doll (no photos). Then they played a bean bag toss into hanging stockings, which comes from the story of St. Nicholas providing dowries for the three poor girls who would have been sold into slavery.

Last, the children decorated gingerbread houses (made of graham crackers).

Then, opening gifts!

And, finally, cupcakes!

John has taken to writing us "notes," which are little scribbles on notes of papers. The note he brought me following the party, he translated as, "Thank you for reading me the books you buy me and thank you for all the wonderful toys you give me and thank you for bringing me to Grandmom and Pop-Pops'." I actually got teary!

At bedtime, the kids set out their shoes and woke to gifts from Mama and Daddy in honor of the feast of St. Nicholas. We got them a charming handmade St. Nicholas doll, a movie about the bishop (which I think is excellent--entertaining and orthodox), and a book that makes me teary every time I read it.


  1. Katherine, you did such a beautiful job! Wow, what a party. Happy birthday to John and Mary! Love your St. Nicholas' ideas. I will have to leverage them as this year, it was just chocolate gold coins for us!

  2. Happy Fourth Birthday John!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday John!!! Great job writing his name!

  4. What a great party! Congratulations!
    I am sorry we missed it