Friday, November 12, 2010

Interesting Non-Injury

Well, the counter top got injured anyway . . .

Last night John and Mary were sidling up to the bathroom counter to brush their teeth. John was hoping around uncontrollably the way that three-year-old boys do when he got too close to the counter, and his mouth smashed on the counter on his way back down from a bounce. I was standing right that and heard a big CRACK! sound.

My stomach lurched and I thought, 'oh no, this is bad.' Visions of my son having teeth dead (grey) or broken in half flashed into my head. John stood there stunned.

I got onto my knees and opened his mouth and saw flecks of white stuff all over his tongue and in his mouth. 'Oh no, there are flecks of his broken teeth . . . '

"Chris! Get in here! I need help!"

Meanwhile, John wasn't crying, which is not like him when he is injured. He was just standing there stunned. Chris came in, looked at the counter, and proceeded to show me two perfect tooth-shaped bite marks out of the hard counter top. Those white flecks were not John's teeth, but were the counter itself! I couldn't believe it. We had him rinse out with water and all was well.

Thank you, Guardian Angel!


  1. WOW!!! He's got some really strong teeth!

  2. Oh, he's so lucky! We have a full set of tooth marks in the coffee table, but it did knock out an incisor. Talk about blood!

  3. Amazing! His teeth must be strong!James had a black/grey front baby tooth for six years before it finally fell out. Margaret has a little less than half of a front tooth missing. It's amazing to me how much these things become a part of them- although they are disappointing at first.

  4. Katherine,
    In light of your recent travel experience I thought you might find this article interesting.

    P.S. One of my Monica's front teeth turned grey because she had fallen so many times and hit her teeth, but it is slowing regaining it's white color. So, even if the tooth turns grey, it might not stay that way.

  5. Of all the injuries these kiddos can get, tooth injuries probably worry me the most! And Jamie, at 14 months old, has already made several attempts to knock out his!!! I have a bad feeling...

    Glad John was okay!!!