Thursday, November 18, 2010

Great Fun

This evening I was straightening the downstairs and walked past Mary, who told me, "It would be great fun to have a swimming pool." (Yes, she does talk that way at 24 months old!) I thought the comment was humorous, agreed with her that it would be "great fun," and proceeded upstairs to drop off a load of folded laundry.

Source of photo

I was upstairs for all of 60 seconds, then returned downstairs to silence--which is rarely good.

Then I heard the splashing.

I followed the wet sound to the laundry room, whose door I try to keep closed, but I had forgotten. Mary was sitting on the floor in a "pool" of water, as poured out of the cat's water dish. Boy, does she love to get a hold of that cat's water dish! She was splashing away in her pool, having great fun!

I should have listened to her.


  1. Sarah: I knew you'd love it. I didn't even get mad at Mary, just mopped up the mess and reminded her that cat water has germs. I mean, really, she said she wanted a pool and what else is Mary going to do but go make a pool?

    This morning I asked her if she wanted peanut butter toast and she said no, turned on her heel, and walked away. I heard her go right into the pantry, so I called out, "Stop playing in the pantry!" But then she came out with oatmeal in hand to give to me . . . because what she wanted for breakfast was oatmeal. Of course.