Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To Laugh or to Cry

Scene: John had been playing Mass with his Mass kit and was now wandering around the play room holding a small wooden crucifix. I don't even remember what I said to cause John to reply: "Mama, do you remember Jesus?"

Mama: "Um, yes."

John: "Do you remember the cross?"

Mama: "Yeah . . ."

John: "Well, that is why you shouldn't speak rudely to me. Jesus doesn't want us to speak rudely."

Does a Catholic mama feel chagrined at being corrected by her three-year-old or does her heart soar with joy at his actually showing some understanding? I think hearts are capable of doing both at once.


  1. LOL! I find that understanding ALWAYS takes the fast track when it relates to how OTHERS are to act toward ME! ha ha. But I guess if we don't know how we want to be treated, we can't quite get the golden rule, can we? Bravo John. :)

  2. Sarah Faith: Yes, John always shows crystal clear comprehension of rules when he is scolding his sister, but then seems clueless at times when it comes to the rules and himself. :) Well, we've got to start somewhere!

  3. That reminds me of my son. Every night he tries to prolong bedtime by asking me question after question, or by telling me something. Sometimes I lose my patience and respond very curtly to him, and his response is always, "Mommy, can you please say that in a nice way."
    What good boys we have....