Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Wasps

First there were the bald-faced hornets above our driveway. Then there were the yellow jackets in an underground nest in our rose bushes. And today: black wasps in our den (see above left).

This afternoon I found one in our den, quickly rushed the children out, and slammed the door. Chris went in right away and killed it with a broom--one of the perks of having a husband who works from home.

Not two hours later, I was reading a book to John in the den when I heard wings flapping (yes, the wings were that big!). I glanced around the room in some panic and saw a second wasp! We rushed out and slammed the door, this time Chris to return after the kids' bed time to kill it.

While he was doing that hit job, wasps 3 and 4 emerged and met their ends. We surmised they were probably coming from the unused chimney, so we opened up the glass doors to have wasps 5 and 6 appear.

Chris killed all six wasps with a broom, sprayed wasp poison up the chimney, sealed the chimney's glass doors with packing tape, and I guess we'll be calling the exterminator tomorrow. It's almost looking like we might as well establish a contract with this nice pest control man, we call him so often!


  1. Yikes! Yeah, I think it's time you get set up with a contract. I'm not at all squeamish about buggies, but even I have a bi-monthly pest control service come out.

  2. We've begun sucking up wasps, hornets or yellow jackets in the dyson vacuum cleaner. John (sometimes me if I am all alone) just elongates the wand and usually they don't know we are coming unlike trying to swat them which they feel long before we are there. And no poisons, either. Just be sure to vacuum your rugs or floors so that their wings get dirty, too.

  3. Ack! I hate bees and wasps and all things bee-ish, except honey... I love honey.