Friday, June 2, 2017

{SQT} Memorial Day Week

Another zany week for our homeschool schedule, with Monday off for Memorial Day (learning about patriotism), Wednesday off for a field trip (learning about plantation life in the 1800s), and Friday off for the annual end-of-year homeschool picnic plus musical rehearsal (socializing!).

1. Sickness

We experienced a sickness cycle through the house, so we had to cancel a fun dinner we were hosting on Sunday. However, I was so grateful that each person was sick for only 24 hours at a time.

2. Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we were able to go to the small but meaningful ceremony at the local Crown Memorial Park. The family-owned cemetery decorates the military gravestones, plays patriotic music, and has a Boy Scout troop out to remind us what Memorial Day is all about. Our family brings our Catholic prayer book and says some private prayers. The cemetery owners generously provide a light luncheon.

In the evening, Chris and the oldest two kids watched "The Guns of Navarone" (having hunted around for war films suitable for children). The ten-year-old is especially a great age for these movies!

3. New Hairdo

In other news, I had six inches lopped off of my hair!

I've had long hair my entire life (except for an unfortunate incident in fourth grade), so any big change is emotional, but I'm pleased.

4. Latta Plantation Field Trip

We found ourselves at Latta Plantation on Wednesday for an educational field trip organized by one of our homeschooling mothers. I think there were more than 40 children ages second grade and older who were officially signed up and paid for . . . but all their little siblings joined in the group too!

I tagged along with the younger group, which, strangely, was entirely girls except for tag-along Joseph (4).

Joseph and Margaret were two of the volunteers called upon to demonstrate what would have been a child's winter chore to scour acres of fields for stones, remove them, place them on a sled, and drag them away for spring planting.

The children were introduced to a cow, donkeys, sheep, hogs, and chickens.

They were taught how to play traditional games of earlier centuries . . .

. . . and how to go panning for gold.

Then we were given demonstrations of many traditional woodworking tools and taught how to start a fire before the advent of matches.

Thomas was enchanted by the puffed-up turkeys in the pen . . . Tom and the toms!

And we even found a relaxed, friendly barn cat, covered in dirt and fleas, whom Thomas felt he should approach by lying down and meowing.

5. Scottish Dance Recital

We ended our first year in Scottish Country Dance with a recital on Thursday. The program was designed well, beginning with dances open to audience participation. Observers, parents, and those who were visiting to consider joining the class next year joined in and followed instructions. Then songs were performed only by those in the Beginner and Advanced classes jointly, then dances only by those in the Advanced class, and then dances only by those on the Demo Team (an audition-only performing troupe).

6. End-of-Year Picnic

Friday brought with it our homeschoolers' end-of-year picnic at the park and splash pad, a tradition several years old. Knowing I had to volunteer for a three-hour shift in the Nursery at Esther musical rehearsal in the afternoon, and acknowledging the limitations of how long I can be on my feet these days, I asked Chris to take the children to the morning event, and he was so generous and gracious to do so.

7. Miscellaneous

Someone in our neighborhood installed this darling library box, bench, and lovely plants adjacent to a charming little creek.


  • Each family is unique, so I want to be careful with blanket statements, but I do think there are a lot of general truths and concerns raised in this article.

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  1. Comforting to see that we aren't the only ones off our routine after the three day weekend. All we really accomplished, school-wise, was literature studies and handwriting...I don't think my kids even looked at their math books. And since hubby was working from home all week and on important phone meetings, we had numerous "field trips," lest I kill myself keeping the kids quiet in the house.

    What a life...

  2. What a fun week, especially amazing after all of the illnesses! The Scottish Dance Program looked lovely. The great pictures really captured the spirit of the dances. One of these seasons we'll at least make it up there for the performance! Also, your haircut looks quite becoming. It still looks wonderfully long as well! I am looking forward to reading the suggested article at the end of your post.