Friday, June 9, 2017

{SQT} The Escaping Toddler Edition

1. Thomas on the Move

This week, Thomas (22 months) learned how to easily open door knobs.

He practice on all our doors . . . interior and exterior and refrigerator . . . all day . . . every day.

I was able to get so little accomplished because I was constantly chasing Thomas from areas of the house where he shouldn't have been or from mischief he was already accomplishing that I have virtually nothing to post on this 7 Quick Takes Friday.

After some days, I found some old doorknob baby locks stored away from about two years ago, and I put those on the most important doors. On hubby's Honey Do List for this weekend is to go to the baby store and buy more doorknob locks.

In other Thomas news . . . one day I wasn't fast enough responding to his desire for food, so he procured his own leftover pizza, found the pizza cutter, cut it, and ate the cold slice standing at the counter.

And, like all little Lauers, Thomas will have learned how to hop our fence and run away by age two. This is why he may never go outside without me shadowing him.

2. WhitSunday

Our Charlotte Latin Mass Community organized a lovely WhitSunday (Pentecost) celebration, which included giving out petite Holy Ghost dove hair pins to all the girls and serving a spread of white foods.

3. Artwork

Mary (8) drew this lovely piece of artwork one evening. I was impressed by the details, such as clouds scudding across the sun, the girl glancing to her left at the boy peeking out from the tree, and the greenery growing up over the rock.

4. Joseph

How cute is this four-and-a-half year old?

This week, Joseph asked me to teach him how to really assemble Lincoln Logs, so I did, and he has proceeded to make cabins all week during after-lunch Quiet Times.

One night, he fell asleep (after announcing, "I'm Not Tired! I'm Not Going to Fall Asleep!") clutching his beloved paper airplane.

5. Learning a Trade

We had a brick-and-mortar company come out to repair four different areas of brick around our home, and the owner (Grandpa) showed up with his grown sons and teenaged grandson. We took the opportunity to send John and Mary out for a lesson in this old trade.

Speaking of manual labor, and as John prepares to do his next neighborhood mowing job, Chris and I appreciated this article from The Federalist about the downside of parents protecting kids from mowing lawns these days. Then later, I came across this article in The Atlantic about companies having to bring in works through the H-2B visa program for manual labor jobs (e.g., mowing lawns) paying $12-18/hour because not enough Americans will do that kind of manual labor. This is merely anecdotal, but I can attest that John consulted with a worker (who had come from the Dominican Republic, I believe) on a neighborhood landscaping team, who proceeded to give him about an hour's worth of advice on landscaping work, including insisting John charge $15-20 per lawn job or he'd be undercutting himself.

6. Visiting Baby

I had the privilege of visiting my friends' newborn Anessa, fewer than 24 hours old! It never ceases to amaze us ladies that a baby can fold up so tiny to fit inside a mama.

7. Food Truck Friday

We're heading off to Food Truck Friday in our neighborhood, which the kids have been anticipating with excitement for weeks . . .

For more 7 Quick Takes Friday, check out This Ain't the Lyceum--this week a humorous but actually really good blog post about doing an end-of-homeschool-year review.

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  1. So Thomas and John are so similar! Along with the talking in noises that things make instead of words (although John, just turned 3 and is talking up a storm with words!), both like to climb, can open up any door and will just dissapear! We had our front door installed with a chain lock way up high. John would just push up a stool and he figured out how to unlock it in a day. John, at a year and a half would not ask for a drink of milk, but would go get a stool, get down a cup, get out the milk and pour it for himself. I wonder how their personalities will bloom as they get older? :)