Friday, March 17, 2017

7 Quick Takes Friday: the Tech U. edition

This is the "Tech. U." edition of 7 Quick Takes Friday, as once annually Chris must leave for eight days to attend a training course ("Tech U.") across the country for his employer. Of all Chris' travel, this is always his longest absence for me to manage.

1. Spring? Winter? Either Way, It's Zany!

I wrote a piece (click here) on the upheaval to routine in springtime. Embrace it, embrace it, this is a blessing.

2. Forum Competition

Click here to read about how John advanced to the final rounds of the Charlotte Piano Teachers' Forum competition!

3. Broadway Revue

On Saturday night, I had the privilege of taking my oldest three to the fourth annual Broadway Revue at our parish. The teenagers sing a variety of Broadway tunes and it is simply a blast!

4. Let It Snow!

After a bizarrely short winter and an extended early spring, such that I'd already gotten out our summer clothing in March, it snowed on Sunday . . . two or three inches!

5. P.E. Class at the Y

This week marked our first P.E. class at the YMCA, designed specifically for homeschoolers. This particular YMCA has two days' worth of homeschooler classes each week, from academic (e.g., writing, science) to sports (e.g., track, swim, general P.E.)

The 4- and 6 (next week)- year olds are in one class together while the 8- and 10-year-olds are in another class. Joseph (4) was very concerned about what exactly did this P.E. class entail. The throwing of balls? But what if they throw a ball at my chest? What if I get knocked down? Will this class hurt? I promised Josey that this was not a "hurting class" and that he would have fun and be with his sister (this being his first ever away-from-Mama class), plus we went outside one day and practiced throwing a ball back and forth to build his confidence.

The class does fall right during the baby's nap time, which is going to be awkward now that Thomas is in that glorious toddler phase of taking one three-hour nap immediately after lunch. My goal is to walk the quarter-mile track during the 50-minute class while I'm waiting for the kids, and I'll hope that Thomas will at least rest in the stroller.

On the first day, Josey was pretty nervous, so I stayed in the gymnasium and watched as he quickly became happily engaged in the lively games the coach led them through. I walked my laps around the gym and got in 2.2 miles! The older pair really enjoyed their class as well, playing a rousing game of dodge ball.

6. My Cup Runneth Over

Remember when Thomas broke the mug my dad gave me probably 25 years ago and which I've used every morning for coffee for at least 10 years? (Click here.)

Look what showed up in the mail this week? That exact mug.

My replacement replica mug

Thanks, Dad.

7. Thomas Speaks (and Reads!)

Of course, Thomas (20 months) doesn't really read, but he loves board books. We read them before bed, he takes them into his crib and reads them till he falls asleep, he brings a book with him if he transfers into our bed in the middle of the night (clutching it while he sleeps), and he brings a book downstairs with him upon waking so I will read it to him on the couch. Also, the sibling sitting next to him in the van reads to him while we drive anywhere.

Then Thomas sits and looks at his books while he waits for his bowl of cereal.

10-year-old brother reading to 1-year-old before breakfast

The current expressive language of Thomas (20 months):
  1. Mommy
  2. Daddy
  3. Wow!
  4. Cheese
  5. Dah-dah for diaper
  6. Ball.
  7. Wah-Wah for water
  8. Weesh-weesh! for sweep
  9. Nah-nah-nah! imitating Mama saying No-no-no!--new this week!

Thomas dancing

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