Sunday, March 12, 2017

Forum Competition 2017

On Saturday, Mary and John participated in the Charlotte Piano Teachers' Forum competition, and John advanced to finals the next day!

Mary (8) competed in the Primary age group (grades K-3) and scored a Superior, but a few points shy of placing. I recorded her playing her songs at home:

 Mary performs "Musette in D Major" by J.S. Bach (18th Cen.)

 Mary performs "Prelude in b minor" by Alexander Morovsky (19th Cen.)

 Mary performs "Hungarian Folk Song" by Bela Bartok (20th Cen.)

John (10) competed in the Elementary division (grades 4-5).

 John performs "Minuet in G Major" by Petzold (18th Cen.)

 John performs "Innocence" Op. 100 No. 2 by Friedrick Burgmuller (19th Cen.)

 John performs "A Warlike Dance" by Kabalevsky (20th Cen.) 

The Music Theory exam at the Forum competition is used to break ties. Both our children scored 100 on their exams, which made all the difference for John: there was another student in our studio who also earned a 98 on piano, but he earned a 98 on theory, so John advanced to the finals while he didn't. These events come down to hair differences!

Daddy took the kids to doughnuts afterward.

Chris had to dash straight to the airport after Mass, so I managed to get all five kids (including the 20-month-old who hadn't been able to nap yet) to John's final competition. I was so grateful that another couple we know was there, so we two wives went in to watch the competition while the husband stayed out with both our sets of younger (louder) children.

Parents weren't permitted to take photos, but you will simply have to envision John performing in the main performance hall at the university, on a huge stage in an auditorium that probably seats 1,000 people (although was filled only with us few parents). I was so proud of him for walking that long walk down the aisle alone and performing with poise up on that stage, which can be such a daunting experience.

The finalist right before performing

Tonight, we celebrate with delivery pizza and ice cream!


  1. Fantastic playing by both children, this is certainly one triumphant day (of many!) for the Lauers. The big subject at our (very-late-due-to-Mama's inability-to-adapt-quickly-to-the-time-change) dinner, was John's wonderful success and how hard he must have worked to get to his level of playing. John's achievement gifted our family with a great "teachable moment" in fortitude and perseverance. And I am so glad you were able to get in to watch him perform, Katherine!

  2. Fabulous job to both John and Mary. A very exciting weekend. They both play so well, I'm always amazed.