Monday, October 24, 2016

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Happy birthday to my devoted husband, a faithful Catholic, a service-oriented citizen and volunteer, and the children's committed daddy Chris!

Our family day began with attending Mass, whose public intention was for Chris' birthday; we have a tradition of having a Mass said for every one's birthday, as close to the birth date as possible. For dinner, I cooked a pork tenderloin, roast asparagus, sauteed cremini mushrooms with cream, crescent rolls, and pasta. Chris' aunt, Sr. Agnes, was quite spontaneously able to join us, which made the evening that much more festive.

After dinner, a piano concert by the children, and praying the rosary as a family, Chris got to wear the Party Hat made by his very own five-year-old daughter and open his handmade cards and gifts.

For dessert, I made an apple pie and served it a la mode.

Singing 'Happy Birthday'

Happy, happy birthday and many happy returns!