Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thomas Vincent Turns One!

Today Thomas Vincent, our fifth born child and third born son, turns one year old! He is the joy of our family.

Biggest and littlest brothers

Thomas was born weighing an unremarkable 8 lbs 3 oz and 21" long (see here for a trip down memory lane) but has proven to be our biggest baby yet--by nine months old, consistently outweighing his siblings by about four pounds. At his last well-baby check at just shy of 25 pounds, he was in the 95th percentile for weight and 94th for height, so I will update this post when I have the new numbers from his one-year well-check! [Update: Thomas had his one-year well-baby check. He weighs 26 lbs 6 oz (97th percentile) and is 31.5 inches tall (94th percentile). No surprises there!]

Walk softly, carry a big stick.

Thomas had a tongue tie at birth and, like his brother Joseph, couldn't transfer milk, so I exclusively pumped and bottle-fed for weeks. Thomas couldn't take over nursing till nine weeks old (and I was able to wean off pumping about a month after that), so our beginning time together was quite rocky and disruptive to the family. (Read here for the full journey of Thomas being exclusively bottle fed to exclusively nursing.)

Now, a year later, Thomas remains a champion nursing baby, getting a big amount of his calories from Mama, and he can eat solids splendidly! He has eight teeth and currently enjoys just about all the table foods I give him: various meats diced small, fruit, some vegetables, crackers, shredded cheese, and so forth.

Enjoying a muffin

Thomas loves his siblings and being part of the gang. At this age and mobility, he toddles after them all day long.

Ready to co-opt Joseph's 'motorcycle'

Thomas began walking at 10 months--just like his four siblings! Such interesting consistency in one family. He is now a steady walker who prefers walking to crawling, and who doesn't cruise on furniture even if he is walking by it. He can squat up and down, turn on a dime, and is starting to walk fast (like a baby 'run'). As seen in the below video, he doesn't mind walking far away from me!

Thomas walking in the hallway after Mass

Because gates don't work well with our stairs, the layout of our house, and having a large family, our babies tend to learn the stairs really early. By 11 months, Thomas can navigate up and down the stairs just fine, although I still shadow him (unless he sneaks by me) just for safety's sake. One day I was in the school room working with just the baby toddling around. Suddenly, I noticed it was way too quiet, even for one baby, so I looked up and he was gone. He had pried the baby gate away (the only one we have in the house), crawled all the way downstairs carrying a tub of Play-dough, and had climbed half way back up the stairs to me when I ran to rescue him.

Creeping up ahead of me

Master Thomas' typical cosleeping baby bad habits have been more and more problematic, now that we are a larger family and I have more duties that don't involve, say, two-and-a-half cumulative hours each day attempting to get an exhausted baby to be willing to fall asleep. So, this last week, Thomas went through a bit of a Baby Sleeping Boot Camp, and can now fall asleep by himself in two to five minutes. I hope we will all be a lot happier and Thomas will be more rested. (Still cosleeping, just being able to fall asleep when it is time to sleep and by himself--yay!)

Sleeping in his high chair
after Mama had tried three times to get him to sleep in his bed

Thomas is so interactive at this age. He plays baby games with people, such as peek-a-boo, chase and runaway, or little 'baby jokes,' causing peals of laughter.

Thomas playing Peek-a-Boo with Joseph

Thomas gets into mischief, such as unfurling the entire toilet paper roll.

I have a gift for you, Mama!

Look, it's all the toilet paper!

He has begun bringing me board books to read to him! I've begun reading to him at nap and bedtime, instead of just nursing him, and he taps every page, pointing out pictures to me.

Thomas is doing early babbling, in which he makes so many various sounds and it sounds almost like he is talking. I love listening to it. (He's not yet doing that older toddler habit of babbling, with expectant pauses in between while he waits for the other speaker to have his turn.)

In other communication skills, Thomas now screams and throws tantrums just like a Toddler. If he doesn't get what he wants, he sits down hard, throws himself down on his back (often pausing slightly to check behind him for anything in his way), then kicks and screams. He concludes his display by flipping over on his tummy, curling up in a ball, and getting quiet . . . before he peeks around to see if I am watching.

In summary, Thomas is one precious gift to our family. The children all fight over who gets to retrieve him from nap time first, or babysit him this time, or hold him the most.

Happy first birthday, Thomas!


  1. He's so proud of that toilet paper. Happy one year to Thomas! :)

  2. And he's really cute to boot! Happy birthday to Thomas, and congratulations to you, Katherine, for surviving the challenges of his first year and keeping the perspective to share all these joys of Thomas with us. :)

  3. What a beautiful write up for his 1st Birthday. I just love your blog and all the thoughtfulness you out into each post.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Thomas! You are such a faithful mama Katherine, to navigate this year with its hurdles and yet reflect on the memories with gratitude and joy. This is truly cause for celebration!