Thursday, April 28, 2016

Armful of Treasures

These aren't beautiful photos in terms of camera quality, composition, or even being focused, but they're beautiful to me. 

It was morning time and the three youngest (5, 3, 9 months) piled on top of me for some snuggles, so the 9-year-old snapped a few candid shots.

These are my treasures.

I may have no career right now, not even a job that pays me minimum wage. I don't have honors, recognition nor good reputation, glamour nor even fitness, nor a published name. But this is where my treasure lies: in these wee souls.

They won't always want to snuggle with me on the couch, so, God, please give me the graces to savor these moments.

(This is my 3,100th post published in ten years. Wow.)

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  1. Congratulations, on your beautiful treasures and your post. <3