Friday, April 29, 2016

7 Quick Takes Friday


Scenes from School Time . . .

Morning Basket Time

Mama is so excited!

I'm trying to introduce science into our summer curriculum (again), so this week we began "Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids" (for John only--a favorable review on that later) and "Animals in the Bible" for everyone, and we are really enjoying both! The children watched the DVD animal documentary, and I'm sure they'll watch it many times: I'm so pleased to find a documentary about animals and nature that neither glorifies ecology, vilifies human beings on the earth, nor shows or talks about reproduction in a bothersome, graphic way.

After watching the DVD, I simple chose the first animal in the book (ants) and have been reading from it each morning briefly at Morning Basket Time. The information is absolutely chock-a-block interesting for kids, without silly cartoons, and I can read just a few paragraphs at a time. Everyone from the three-year-old to the nine-year-old really enjoy it. One night, our five-year-old commented at bedtime, "I can't wait until tomorrow morning so we can read more in that animal book about ants!" I even managed to print out a bunch of ant coloring pages from Ask a Biologist, so the children have been working on those while I read to them.

In an unusual alignment, Mary finished her copybook and her math book on the same day: all smiles! I had noticed a few days ahead of time, so her next copybook and next math book are already winging their way to us. Since I school year-round, we'll just start the new books right away.

Finishing two books in one day


We rearranged a bit of furniture and John decided he'd like to have his desk at the corner table . . .

John's new desk

. . . a very nice location with the sunshine from the window and an adjacent bookshelf to hold his school books.

John's new desk

John re-locating opened up a spot for Margaret at the main work table, which is good as she begins full-time Kindergarten work.

Margaret doing Music Theory

Although it isn't fall when academic years begin, I've recently begun regularly teaching Margaret daily instead of every once in a while. Each day, she does lessons in phonics, music theory, penmanship, and piano. All I have to add in for official Kindergarten is math and Bible stories, and I'll feel good about that!

Margaret studying phonics

Sisters doing school work


Speaking of Margaret, she is learning more life skills and mastered scrambling eggs this week.


Thomas (9 months) is determined to learn to walk, even if his Mama doesn't buy him a baby walker.

Walking using the rolling school chairs

Walking using Mama's exercise ball

Walking using the strider bike

Walking using the grocery cart


I posted some lists of ideas to occupy the children's free time both indoors and outdoors . . . less for them and more for me, so I will less often take the easy way out of turning on the television.

Speaking of activities that are non-screen time, the children are doing the most delightful, cooperative play with our new parachute!

And we really enjoyed doing a puzzle together, culminating in the final night of just me and Mary staying up till 10:00 doing it together. "Mama, I'm really enjoying staying up, just you and me."

Husband went out of town and hid two puzzle pieces
so he'd get to put in the final pieces when he got back!


My beloved Auntie Erica arrived for the weekend to celebrate Mary's First Holy Communion . . . so much excitement!

Eating breakfast after Erica's red eye flight

Playing Uno


Our neighborhood hosted a Food Truck Friday event, which was a fun change of routine for us. There were trucks selling soul food, sandwiches, beer, and ice cream, as well as music, a tennis exposition, a kids' bouncy house, and children racing around playing. We felt the event was a success and a nice way to end the work week.

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  1. I love Uno! I have early memories of my parents playing with their friends while I sat on their laps. They had a mega-deck made of several decks stacked together, so you really never knew what cards would turn up!

  2. The parachute! I went to public school but those were THE BEST DAYS in gym class, when you walked in and saw the parachute.

    I also love #3 - what is it about kids cooking that I just love to see?