Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Margaret and Mama: Birthday Outing!

For Margaret's big fifth birthday, we gave her, instead of a toy, an outing of her choosing with Mama and an outing with Daddy.

Mama and Margaret getting started

She chose to go to one of those pottery-painting venues with me--and it was so fun! I didn't realize it would evoke within me such childlike fondness in painting.

I got Thomas down for his afternoon nap, then dashed out, so he was asleep one of the two hours I was gone: by far, our longest duration and greatest mileage separation in his eight months. I was nervous.

I don't know how Thomas fared because Chris doesn't know whether to tell me he was happy the whole time (making me cry) or that he wept and wailed (making me cry).

Margaret chose a princess figurine, like Cinderella, to paint. It was quite the process of picking paints, painting lightest zones to darkest, and painting three coats each. Then we submit the piece to be kiln fired and pick it up in a week.

My little somber Margaret asked me quietly at one point, referring to all the people--mostly mothers and daughters--chattering cheerily at the other tables, "I wonder why everyone is talking to each other?"

Oh, Melancholic Margaret. (I know a little something about her temperament.)

We painted mostly quietly, but she was very happy.

The painted product before being kiln-fired

Afterward as we stood in line to pay, Margaret threw her arms around my legs unprompted and said, "Thank! You!!!" She flashed me a smile much bigger than her usual.

The finished product: Margaret's princess

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