Monday, March 14, 2016

Joseph's First Swimming Lesson

Today was the first formal swimming lessons for Joseph (3)! He and sister Margaret began back at Swim Mac, in their wonderful swim lessons for homeschoolers.

'Daddy, that's not how to wear a swim cap!'

When we told Joseph the news a couple of days prior, he proceeded to wear his swim trunks and swim shirt for 36 hours straight.

He was excited!

Joseph learned a lesson about Listening to the Teacher when he jumped off of the underwater platform (that allows the little students to stand with their torsos out of the water) and plunged to the bottom of the pool. Thankfully, he is a happy, resilient little guy who was not traumatized by the incident.

Joseph still naps every afternoon, so I feel badly that his swim class is right at one o'clock, during his sleepy time. He arrived home, proudly wearing his Swim Mac tee-shirt and fast asleep.

Tuckered out

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