Saturday, March 12, 2016

Amelie's and Forum

John and Mary received a different and bigger reward this week for music practice because they had accepted a Special Challenge from the music teacher to practice an hour per day during these last couple of weeks of competition season. Therefore, today I found myself rewarding Margaret for doing her week's practice--just her and me! I even got the baby down for morning nap and left him at home, for only the second time ever.

Margaret wanted to go to Amelie's, and we had a sweet time eating sweets.

Cream puffs and coffee

Margaret wanted to play many games of tic tac toe. I adored watching her innocence on the cusp of five years old, as she really thought she won every single game through her own merit.

The winner of tic tac toe gets to color in a star.

Margaret now has quiet moments, and is beyond the phase of talking nonstop during her waking hours . . . but she does still like to talk a lot and so rarely has my undivided attention.

So happy to have alone time with me!

I even took Margaret shopping for her spring/summer clothing at the consignment store before buzzing home to take Mary to this Saturday's competition. Competition season is almost over!

Mary brings a pedal extender to competitions because she isn't tall enough to reach the pedals.

Mary participated in Forum (Charlotte Piano Teachers Forum solo auditions and theory test), and she felt great about her performance, and we enjoyed ourselves even without her advancing to 'the final round'.

Thomas waiting for his big sister to be done


  1. You're outing with Margaret was so sweet and special. One can see that it meant a lot to her by the beautiful, heartwarming smiles! God's blessings.

    1. Please forgive the early morning typo. Should be your instead of you're.