Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Theater: "The Hare and the Tortoise"

On Wednesday, we attended "The Hare and the Tortoise" at the children's theater: Joseph's first play!

Usually there are enough homeschooling mothers going in that I can send in my children with someone else while I stay outside with any of my tots (and others' tots) who are under three years old, but this time I brought my babysitter to help me. The baby was well-fed and in a good mood, so I ended up leaving him with the babysitter to play in the children's library while I had the privilege of going in to the play.

John, Mary, and Margaret before the play began

I love theater! I don't care if it is children's theater meant for those three to five years old, like this one was: I love live theater!

Joseph, nervous before his first play

Joseph was nervous before the play began. We had talked about Good Theater Behavior and he wanted to get it right. I snuggled with him and tried to get him to lighten up, but he was a somber fellow, as in the photo above. He kept checking with me if this was the right time to clap or not. My heart melted!

Joseph (7 months)

In the meanwhile, Thomas had a dandy time with the babysitter playing in the toddler area of the library. Mama and baby were apart for one hour and, boy, did I miss him!

Fantastic pop-up book about scavengers

After the play, we spent time in the library, Mama scored some good 25-cent purchases at the book sale, and we went to lunch on our way home. Good times had by all!

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